Rock Climbing

There is nothing like the challenge of ascending a rock face and the satisfaction of taking in the view from the top. The North Shore offers a range of rock climbing opportunities just a short jaunt away from downtown Vancouver.

For rock climbing and bouldering beginners it can seem a daunting activity, so a good starting point would be the artificial climbing walls on the North Shore:

The cliffs and granite faces give a huge variety of climbing in Vancouver for all abilities. You can be climbing as soon as you are securely fitted into a harness and helmet and with an experienced instructor on the end of the rope, you need have no fear if you come unstuck.

Climbing with a qualified instructor is always recommend. Be AdventureSmart and take the correct precautions and travel with the right gear.

Lighthouse Park Climbing Routes

Lighthouse Park offers a small area, but stunning, area for climbing with around a dozen routes on solid granite right by the ocean. Check out a few of these routes:

Cypress Mountain Climbing Routes

Cypress Mountain offers a range of climbing opportunities ranging from V0 – V10 on Hueco System. A number of the most popular routes include:

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