Vancouver is rated as one of the best places to go hiking in the world. This is mostly due to the variety of trails available for all skill levels and desires. People can choose from seaside hiking to urban wilderness hiking to mountain hiking. Whether you a looking for a leisurely jaunt or a strenuous hike, North and West Vancouver have an abundance of scenic wilderness for you to explore.

The North Shore’s famously steep incline, composed of six mountain peaks: Black, Strachan, Hollyburn, Grouse, Fromme, and Seymour Mountains – offer perfect terrain for adventurers who like nothing better than lacing on a pair of hiking boots.

North Vancouver Hiking Trails

The Baden Powell Trail, named after the founder of the Boy Scouts, is the thread that knits the North Shore together with a 30-mile (48-km) route from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay all the way to Deep Cove. The trail can also be done in sections by accessing it at a number of different locations – most with parking.

North Vancouver is the best place to enjoy mountain trekking. Check out a few of these trails to get your blood pumping:

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

The Lower Seymour Conservation Area’s alpine meadows, forested slopes and river flood plains are within minutes of downtown Vancouver. There are hikes for all levels from a family stroll around Rice Lake to Lynn Peak, which is a great cardio alternative to the Grouse Grind.

Capilano River Regional Park

There are many points of entry to the park trails, but it is recommended that first-time visitors start their hikes from the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. To get to the Salmon Hatchery from the Lions Gate Bridge or Highway 1, take Capilano Road in North Vancouver. Head north and turn left onto Capilano Park Rd. Then continue along the road to the parking lot.

These hikes can also be started from Cleveland Dam, another spectacular site. To get to Cleveland Dam, continue up Capilano Road toward Grouse Mountain.

For more information about North Vancouver hiking trails and maps visit www.dnv.org.

Easy Walking Trails

There are so many options for all skill levels.

West Vancouver Hiking Trails

There are many trails to enjoy in West Vancouver. Check out a few of these to start off your day:

Cypress Provincial Park

Cypress Provincial Park contains many summer and winter hiking trails for enthusiasts of all abilities.

For more information about West Vancouver hiking trails and maps visit westvancouver.ca.


Hiking Safety

No matter how short, casual and sunny you think your trek will be, always remember these basic safety rules:

  • Dress correctly and pack supplies.
  • Never hike alone.
  • Have a trip plan that takes into consideration your own physical limitations.
  • Before you depart, leave a message with a friend or another responsible party as to your route, companions, and expected return time. They can alert the police if you do not arrive as expected. AdventureSmart offers a useful app and online system to help you create and share your trip plan.

Before you head out, read about what you can do to avoid getting lost at www.northshorerescue.com.


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