Katherine Rammo

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Photographer and outdoor explorer Katherine Rammo is dedicated to taking photographs of her Pacific North West home. Her biggest inspirations are the breathtaking landscapes that surround her as she travels the wilds of Vancouver’s North Shore with her backpack and camera in tow. Her photographs capture her experiences as she hikes, kayaks, swims, camps, and bikes her way around the region with the aim of inspiring others to take an epic adventure.

Here are Katherine’s favourite places on Vancouver’s North Shore:

1. Mount Seymour


Girl standing on top of Mount Seymour

“One of my favourite trails in hiking season is Mount Seymour. On a clear day the mountain views from peak 3 are some of the best I’ve seen to date and I also really love that if I only have a few hours for a hike that day, getting to peak 1 is already completely rewarding. With this hike offering three different peaks it lends some variety and tends to feel less crowded once you reach the top than some of the others on the North Shore which I especially love”


2. St Mark’s Summit


@findingepic at St Mark's Summit

“A great half-day hike is for sure St. Marks Summit which is located in Cypress Mountain Provincial Park. Because of the beauty and popularity of this trail, you will probably get quite a few folks at the top during peak times but there’s a reason why, and you’ll surely understand when you get there. A remarkable view overlooking the Howe Sound is your reward at the top and if the sky is clear and you time it right, you’ll get one of the most breathtaking sunsets around!”


3. Village Taphouse


Village Taphouse by @findingepic

“When it comes to post-hike eats, most of the time you just can’t beat a good ole fashioned burger and beer. The Village Taphouse at Park Royal place has ample seating both inside and out (they have a really great patio in the summertime!), lots of TVs playing your favourite sporting event, and even a pool table to test your skills 🙂 It’s a great vibe and central location with lots of yummy reliable pub-style grub!”

4. Hollyburn Trail


Hollyburn Hike @findingepic

“We all know the gorgeous mountains and water make the North Shore so incredible, but it’s also the giant trees, oversized ferns, and overall luscious forest greenery that we swoon over! When I need a good dose of forest bathing I hit up the Hollyburn trail in Cypress Provincial Park. There is a peak to reach but I personally think that getting there is the reward on this trail so I prefer to meander through the gorgeous forest and enjoy the greenery which can be especially fun even on a light rainy day.”


5. Buddha-Full


Buddha-Full @findingepic


“When it comes to fuelling up before a hike my go-to spot is Buddha-Full. I adore how everything is plant-based healthy and delicious and made from scratch in house. From smoothies to juices to lattes to bowls and sandwiches and sweets I bet you’ll love it here and that there’s an option to surely satisfy your palate. I always leave feeling full and satisfied, and energized!”


Find out more about Katherine on her website findingepic.ca and see our deals so you can plan your trip to the North Shore today.





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