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North Shore Like a Local


With gorgeous natural sights, a vibrant cultural scene, and world-class restaurants, Vancouver’s North Shore is a destination for travelers worldwide. When visitors arrive, they’re greeted with a warm community that rests on the water’s edge and at the foot of mountains. We take pride in hosting guests from across the globe and hope to keep the North Shore shining as brightly as possible for generations to come.


In order to help preserve the beauty of our home and ensure that we can continue welcoming new visitors, we put together an easy-to-follow guide to help promote responsible and sustainable tourism: North Shore Like a Local


Deep Cove


To North Shore Like a Local means treating each stop in your journey like you’re part of the North Shore community—because when you visit, you are! Our warm brand of hospitality means we welcome you to make yourself at home with our natural attractions, businesses, and culture. It’s a standing invitation we hope you’ll consider when deciding to visit! And with that open invite, when you explore Vancouver’s North Shore, we hope you’ll treat it the same way you would a second home.


Lynn Canyon


Once you take in the view from the top of Grouse Mountain or walk among the Kia’palano story poles at Capilano Suspension Bridge, you may catch yourself thinking, I could live here! It’s that sentiment that makes us so passionate about preserving the North Shore— we’re lucky enough to live here already, and we want to make sure we can share our home with generations to come.


So how do you start? By taking the pledge! The North Shore Like a Local pledge asks you to follow three key pillars when you visit:


Play like a local

Ensuring that you responsibly and safely explore our community and natural attractions.


Learn like a local

Committing to learning about and respecting Indigenous communities, supporting local businesses, and embracing the region’s cultural diversity.


Love it like a local

Pledging that you’ll do your best to keep Vancouver’s North Shore pristine and make an effort to leave no trace, recycle properly, and use public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint.


Cypress Mountain


Take the pledge, and help keep Vancouver’s North Shore the green oasis that it is for both the people who live here and the people who have yet to visit!



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