Getting Around

Getting Around

There’s plenty to look at when driving around Vancouver’s North Shore. There are highways that will get you from one part to another swiftly-and scenically-and there are surface streets that can be enjoyed at a slower pace.

Public Transit

TransLink and the West Vancouver Blue Bus provide transit services to Vancouver’s North Shore. See Vancouver’s North Shore’s public transit maps at a glance.   There are some connector buses between North and West Vancouver.


TransLink is Metro Vancouver’s public transportation authority. You will find helpful information on its website including trip planning, rider guide, as well as details on fares and passes. Most North Vancouver buses, and the Seabus are operated by Translink.

SeaBus, 400-seat passenger ferries, which connect Vancouver’s North Shore to downtown Vancouver in a scenic 12 minutes.

West Vancouver Transit

The West Vancouver buses are also known as the ‘Blue Buses’, and they handle all routes in West Vancouver and some connectors to North Vancouver. If you are looking to go to AmblesideDundaraveLighthouse ParkWhytecliff Park or Horseshoe Bay you would need to take a Blue Bus. Park Royal is a connector point for the North and West Vancouver buses.

Check West Vancouver Blue Bus Transit schedules at westvancouver.ca

Taxi & Limo Services

North Shore Taxi
North Vancouver 604-987-7171 or West Vancouver 604-922-2222

Sunshine Cabs
Phone: 604-922-3333

Live North Shore Bridge Traffic Cams

Keep in mind that bridges can be congested during rush hour (approx 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.). It’s a good idea to check conditions and traffic volumes before you leave.

Highway Information

Border & BC Ferries Information

  • Check BC Border lineups, and know before you go.
  • BC Ferries depart Horseshoe Bay for Bowen Island, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.


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