Farmers’ Markets on Vancouver’s North Shore

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Farmers’ Markets on Vancouver’s North Shore


Nothing signals the imminent arrival of summer like the feast for the senses that is the farmer’s market: from the baskets of colourful fruits and vegetables straight from the ground, to the tempting aromas of fresh baked goods, and the sheer delight of stumbling upon something totally unexpected and always totally local. The following farmer’s markets on Vancouver’s North Shore are a favourite weekly activity for locals, as well as a wonderful opportunity for visitors to get to know the region through our makers.


Farmers' Market North Vancouver


Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market

A farmer’s market by the beach! Need we say more? Fill your picnic basket with fresh produce and baked goods and make your way to the shore to enjoy it all. And with close proximity to one of the North Shore’s most artistic neighbourhoods, you can also go treasure hunting against the backdrop of mountains and ocean.


Open on Sundays from May to October


Shipbuilders’ Square Friday Night Market

For a different market atmosphere, The Shipyards Night Market comes to life under the lights along the waterfront. While not the place for fresh produce, there’s plenty of culinary treats from a fleet of food trucks and a lively beer garden, as well as local artisan vendors and live music.


Open on Fridays from May to September


Shipyards Night Market


Loutet Farm

It doesn’t get fresher than this! Pick up your veggies right where they’re grown at the first urban farm on public parkland in Canada. Plus, the money you spend there is directed right back into the operations of the farm while creating valuable green-collar jobs for North Shore residents.


Open on Wednesday & Saturdays from May to October


The Quay Market & Food Hall

Set inside the bustling Lonsdale Quay Market, this is a good option for a rainy day, with the added bonus of putting you right next to The Shipyards with even more shops, eateries, galleries and fantastic views out over the harbour.


Open on Wednesdays from May to October


Farmers' Market on Vancouver's North Shore


Civic Plaza

A great mix of urban and rural, this farmer’s market is right next to City Hall in North Vancouver. Meet local producers and learn about the sustainable methods practiced throughout our local farms as well as unique crafts that reflect the multicultural make-up of the North Shore.


Open on Wednesdays from June to September


Exploring these markets offers an excellent chance to savor regional delicacies, connect with the producers, and immerse yourself in the lively community atmosphere of the North Shore. Be sure to visit their websites or social media profiles for the latest updates and any exciting events planned during your visit!


*Please refer to individual links for updated times/dates to each market 


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