Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

The North Shore mountains have a well-deserved reputation for world-class mountain bike riding. After all, it’s where “Shore Riding” or “Freeriding” originated. Don’t worry if technical downhill biking is not your thing. Over the years much work has been done on the North Shore mountain biking trails by a dedicated and vibrant community of local mountain bikers and trail builders with the North Shore Mountain Biking Association. Today you will find a more broad range of trails for all ability levels.

The main mountain biking areas on Vancouver’s North Shore are Mt. Fromme and Mt. Seymour. Both Mt. Fromme and Mt. Seymour offer awesome mountain biking trail terrain and are very popular with the locals. Natural old-growth Red Cedar planks are used to create obstacles like bridges, ladders, and teeter-totters to ride on.

Our local mountains offer plenty of mountain biking trails with everything from easy cross-country to technical downhill. The more technical trails contain numerous natural challenges like fallen logs, giant boulders to drop off, and ravines to jump across. .You can find trails and conditions on Trailforks. Less experienced riders can consider coaching or a guided tour to elevate your experience.

Below are a few popular North Shore trails:

Bobsled (moderate)
Mount Fromme

From city to gritty in minutes. This easily accessible trail is a great place to start as one of the easier Fromm trails where you’ll find a new school flow.


Empress Bypass (easy-moderate)
Mount Seymour

This trail was recently rebuilt by the NSMBA as part of the Seymour Adaptive MTB Loop – an initiative to create a fun, inclusive mountain bike experience for individuals who use adaptive mountain bikes. It’s for descending traffic only so access this trail by Old Buck.


Crinkum Crankum (difficult)
Mount Fromme

Tight switchbacks among the towering hemlocks and fun cedar bridges wait for you at this famous North Shore trail.


Boogieman (difficult)
Mount Seymour

A North Shore classic with mandatory A-frames, skinnies, and steep drops. This is a fun but difficult trail for experienced riders only!





Bikes on Transit

All buses are equipped with bike racks that can hold up to two bikes. Bikes are allowed on the buses and the SeaBus anytime at no additional cost. If you are boarding the SeaBus, use the rear doors. There are a maximum of six bikes permitted per sailing on the SeaBus. Bike lockers are available at Phibbs Exchange.

Bike Safety

No matter how short, casual and sunny you think your ride will be, always remember these basic safety rules:

  • Always wear a helmet and safety gear.
  • Ride within your ability. Check the difficulty rating system on your trail map and know your limits.
  • Stick to the trail and don’t carve short cuts. Local trail builders do an outstanding job of maintaining trails and preventing erosion, so do your part by staying on track and make a donation to support them during your visit.
  • Carry all essentials and non-essentials in case of an emergency.

Before you head out, make an AdventureSmart plan.


Vancouver’s North Shore is a proud sponsor of the NSMBA.


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