Canyoning/ Canyoneering

Canyoning on Vancouver's North Shore

Just 10 kilometres from downtown Vancouver you can recreate your own Indiana Jones-like experience venturing through world-class canyons and waterfalls. Canyoning, or Canyoneering (in the US), is a water sport consisting of a descent into a narrow canyon with emphasis on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty using a variety of techniques including walking, scrambling, jumping, abseiling, and swimming.

West Coast Canyoning Adventures on Vancouver’s North Shore is the first and only certified Canyoning Operator on the West Coast of Canada. Conditions change quickly and a tour guide is advised for visitors. WCCA will help you safely discover some of the incredible beauty of the North Shore mountains coastal rainforest and experience this new astonishing activity. Their tours will help you expertly and safely traverse North Shore canyons covering the basics of the skills of:

  • How to check rappel gear
  • How to prepare for the descent
  • How to set up the rappel
  • How to rappel down

Places to Canyoneer on the North Shore include:

Cypress Creek

A dark and narrow canyon where all rappels are water – the water is cold so wetsuits are advised throughout the year!

Lynn Creek

An easily accessible canyon with several shortfalls and pools.

Brothers Creek

Brothers Creek in West Vancouver is known for its pretty scenery.


Be AdventureSmart while Canyoning/Canyoneering – be prepared, and hire a guide.


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