Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers visitors a unique mix of adventure, history and culture, which  makes this attraction a complete British Columbia experience and a must-see while visiting Vancouver.

There’s more authentic B.C. enchantment to be found in guided nature tours, explorer programs for kids, First Nations carvings demos, a totem pole park,  gift shop, and three restaurants where you can get a bite to eat.

Originally built in 1889, the award winning Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of Greater Vancouver’s top attractions. Locals and visitors from around the globe enjoy the thrill of crossing the 450-foot (137m) swaying bridge, suspended 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River in North Vancouver, BC. The bridge offers splendid views of the river below and old growth forest.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is situated in a West Coast rainforest. As you explore the nature trails in the Park, you will find interpretive information about the ecosystem throughout the park. You will be well informed while you stroll through the rainforest, past trout ponds and majestic evergreens. To learn more, be sure to join one of the complimentary mini guided tours offered hourly within the park.

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Cliffwalk | Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This heart-pounding cliff-side journey takes guests through rainforest vegetation on a series of suspended walkways jutting out from the granite cliff face above Capilano River to previously unexplored areas of the park.

Not for the faint of heart, Cliffwalk is high and narrow and, in some sections, very strong glass is all that separates guests from the canyon far below. The narrow walkway has fixed handrails supported by steel beams cantilevered from 16 anchor points in the granite rock face of the canyon. If you are looking for some thrilling Vancouver activities, you should definitely check out Cliffwalk at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Visitors will find informative signage along the walkway that explains the interaction between water, granite, salmon, flora & fauna, which was developed in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Cliffwalk facts:

  • Highest point is 90 metres (300 feet) above the Capilano River, even higher than Capilano Suspension Bridge!
  • Almost 213 Metres (700 feet) in length
  • Narrow walkway only 50cm wide  (20″)
  • 11 square metre environmental footprint, CLIFFWALK is unobtrusive
  • 16 anchor points are drilled into the rock face; some anchors are drilled 6 meters into the cliff face with a total of 486 Metres (1600 feet) of steel used.

Treetops Adventure

Treetops Adventure | Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

A thrilling West Coast rainforest experience, Treetops Adventure in the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is the first venue of its kind in North America. Treetops Adventure consists of seven suspension bridges connected to eight magnificent 250-year-old Douglas fir trees. Visitors can get a squirrel’s eye view of a thriving coastal forest from the elevated  suspension bridges, some reaching as high as 100 feet (30m) above the forest floor. The observation platforms provide a unique bird’s eye view of the forest surrounding.

New to the Park:

Overlooking the Capilano Canyon, suspension bridge and West Coast rainforest, the Cliff House Restaurant offers a casual West Coast inspired menu during Capilano Suspension Bridge Park’s regular operating hours. The menu includes Ocean Wise seafood product and regional craft beers and BC wines on tap.

Additional information:

Dogs in the Park

You are welcome to bring Fido along with you when you visit. Dogs on a leash are permitted in the park, with the exception that they are not permitted by the Raptors Ridge area or in the gift shop.



If you purchase your admission tickets online, you can bypass the ticket line-up.

Don’t let rain stop you from visiting, complimentary biodegradable ponchos are available from Guest Services on rainy days!

Getting There

The Capilano Suspension Bridge
3735 Capilano Road,North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-985-7474

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is located close to all major Vancouver hotels.

Note: Free WiFi is available in the park. Drones are not permitted in the park. Selfie sticks are not permitted on the attractions.