Public Art

North Vancouver is home to over 100 public works of art spread across the North Shore. Public art can be found in libraries, along nature trails and public walkways, in parks and shopping plazas. Each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind work that is specifically created to reflect and express North Vancouver’s local heritage, culture and environment.

North Vancouver Public Art

Take a self-guided public art tour in North Vancouver:


More information on public art on the North Shore can be found at North Vancouver Recreation & Culture.

Check out the new City of North Vancouver Public Art Map. (PDF)

West Vancouver Public Art

You will find public art in many places in the community: in galleries, on beaches, on street corners and in public buildings. Art is part of West Vancouver’s identity with over 100 pieces in the collection.

Public Art | North Vancouver
Biennale Public Art | North Vancouver
Public Art North Vancouver