SnowshoeingatSeymour @happiestoutdoors
Hi I’m Taryn from @happiestoutdoors and I’m sharing my favourite winter hiking and snowshoeing destinations on Vancouver’s North Shore. This photo is from Mount Seymour, one of my favourite snowshoe spots. Pro tip: get there early to beat the crowds.
LowerSeymourConservationReserve  Winter Hiking @happiestoutdoors

In the winter when there’s snow up high, there’s still lots of places to hike lower down the mountain. I like discovering new trails, like this one in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.

SnowshoeGrind @happiestoutdoors

If it’s cloudy and foggy in the city, you might just be able to get above the clouds and experience the sunshine if you head up to the mountains. The whole way up the Snowshoe Grind I was surrounded by fog, but once I hit the top… magic!



Watching the sun set from a mountain top is pretty special, especially when the snow glows pink and orange in the evening light. Just remember to bring a headlamp for the walk back down!


EarlymorningatBlackMountain PC @happiestoutdoors

Cypress Mountain has tons of snowshoe trails to choose from. The trip up Black Mountain is pretty steep, but thankfully it’s still pretty short.

NightSnowshoeAtDogMountain @happiestoutdoors

I like to get a bit of nature time in after work by snowshoeing up Dog Mountain by headlamp. It’s a whole different experience in the dark. If you don’t want to head out on your own, the local ski resorts have guided snowshoe night hikes you can join.


LynnSuspensionBridge @happiestoutdoors

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is one of my favourite low key hiking destinations on a rainy winter day. It’s waaaay less busy in the rain, plus the trees seem even greener when they’re wet (if that’s even possible!)


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